What is SEO and Why it is important ?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Why are some web pages in top search results while others are not even on the first search page of Google? If you ever came across the ranking of a website, SEO must be a frequently seen word to you. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a practice through which the quality of the site can be improved; this term means to increase the visibility of your site and to reach out to the target audience with relevancy. It helps to increase the quantity of traffic on a web page and makes it more noticeable. It is important to expand the outer shell and positioning of the website, and SEO plays a crucial role in escalating the appearance of web site/ web pages. In simple terms, SEO can be defined as the process through which content get a higher reach in search engines such as Google


SEO is very important to a web page in many ways, as listed below:

  • SEO increase the visibility of the site.
  • Assist the website traffic
  • Develop the trust of the user
  • Enhance the quality of the website
  • Provides better user experience.
  • Seeks the higher attention of the customers.
  • Turns out the fair search.
  • Improves the value of the site for definite search queries.
  • Augment credibility and belief.
  • Enlarge the customer experience of the website.


On-page SEO


The content on the web page is the most crucial element of an efficient search engine optimization approach. Attractive content on the website makes it more informative and useable to the audience, the content should carry all the necessary information which is crucial for the customer. To get the response from the customers, always try to enhance creative content which is relevant for the customers. The single page should consider 500 words on average with the avoidance of repetitiveness.


These are the special terms that are used by the customers in the search engines like Google to find the web page. To reach up to a desired search engine result page, the pertinent keyword is a must, which makes the search more feasible. Specific and catchy keywords will make the quick search and integrate the content of the website. A combination of different keywords in the title of the content or in the major areas of the content will make the website preferable for the customers.

Meta title and Meta description

The title published in the search engines result pages (SERPs) are considered as the Meta Title, the maximum characters which Meta title includes is 55 and it can be used in the entire SERPs. These are also known as title tag, which helps to indicate the topic of the web page. An attractive and effective Mets Title should consist of 3 main keywords which gives brief introduction about the line of business.

Meta description is the text is the prescribed text which is displayed under the Meta Title. This description consists of 150 characters along with 3 main keywords. The description should be in the form which attracts the quaintly of customers with its attractiveness.

Off page SEO

Off-Page SEO includes the activities that are carried out outside the webpage to increase the ranking on search engine results with various components:

Backlinks: are very significant for SEO as it redirects one page through another website and enhance the page’s value. The links on the hosting page take the user to another location that the host finds valuable to introduce the user. Many search engines, such as Google, utilize backlinks as a signal to rank the webpage. Increasing backlinking indicates that the content on that page is worthy enough to visit; thus, it grows the visibility of the destined page.

Social Media: Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc., are used for Off-Page SEO that indirectly increases the page’s ranking. The links shared on these platforms by brands or influencers drive users to visit the official page.   Off-Page SEO is greatly contributed by outside links shared on different social media platforms with trending social media use.

Online directories: Online directories are those elements of Off-Page SEO that allow the users to find local businesses online. Different online directories such as Yelp Foursquare, Bing Places etc., help the business to list them on online directories. This way, it helps to increase the visibility of local brands. Around 64% of customers used to explore online testimonials on Google before physically approaching the local market, and online directories help them connect with a local brand that matches their requirements.

Local SEO

As evident from its name, Local SEO is a strategy of SEO optimization used to increase the visibility of local business entities in their surrounding market.

Google Local Packs The Google local pack comes with a directing map that helps the user explore nearby businesses listed in its search results. It is a three-pack combination known as a name, address and phone number (NAP). By using NLP, any user can sir brother mobile and get the exact physical location, contact information and name of the business.

Local Teaser Local Teaser is identical to the local packs with that nearby businesses are listed in the top result of users search. In Local Teaser, a brand has a brief overview of its services and products with descriptions to determine if they want to have the services or not. Local Teaser does not contain any address or phone number, or link that redirects the user to the brand home page.

Schema Markup Schema Markup is a helpful tool that boosts SEO by organizing the detail of a page. The organized information is easy to process by the Google algorithm and show more relevant content in search results. Many local vendors like restaurants, electronic shops, repairing services etc., use a Schema Markup to get visible without any confusion.

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